Our specialist travel health nurses, here at The Travel Clinic Glasgow, never give blanket advice. Our nurses assess each trip on an individual basis ensuring that the information we give is specific to you and your trip. We will let you know the vaccines that we think you require but will also let you if you don’t need a vaccine for your trip.
There are some vaccines that you can get on the NHS.  Many of our clients will get what they can on the NHS and come to us for the private/non NHS vaccines.  Others find it more convenient to get all their vaccines with us.  Information on NHS travel clinics in your area can be found on the fitfortravelwebsite.

Why use our travel clinic?

  • Our nurses are extensively trained in travel medicine. Worryingly, not every travel clinic is, or indeed has to be trained in this area before providing the service
  • Because we stock the vaccines in our clinic, there is no need to take a prescription to the chemist, collect your vaccines and return with them to us
  • We see you at your first appointment and administer your injections at that appointment
  • We also ensure we run to time with our appointments to avoid the frustration of you being delayed beyond your appointment time
  • To ensure we can spend time with you, our appointments are about 30 minutes, longer if you have a particularly complicated itinerary
  • Ample free parking with ramp access if required
  • Vaccination reminders
  • Group bookings accommodated

These are just some of the services we offer…

We suggest getting travel advice for at least 8 weeks before traveling. If however you are traveling at the last minute or have forgotten about vaccines or malaria tablets getting advice is still very beneficial. It is never too late to get protected and we do see travelers that are leaving the next day.