Our nurses here at The Travel Clinic Glasgow have undertaken extensive training in travel medicine and our manager Clare Henderson has gone on to undertake the membership exam set by the Faculty of Travel Medicine. Please be aware that not all private clinics employ staff that are trained in travel medicine and the advice you get may not be up to standards recommended. We only ever recommend vaccines that are indicated and will advise you if vaccines or anti-malarial medication is not necessary for your trip. There is no need to pay for a course of vaccines up front – you are only asked to pay for what you receive at each appointment.


Price per dose

Cholera £72.00 (complete course)
Flu Vaccine £15.00
Hepatitis A (Adult or Child) £60.00
Hepatitis B (adult) £49.00 per dose (3 or 4 doses required)
Hepatitis B (Child) £40.00
Hepatitis B+A (Combined) £72.00 per dose (3 doses required)
Japanese Encephalitis £98.00 per dose (2 doses required)
Meningitis ACWY £74.00
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) £45 per dose (1-2 doses required)
Polio+Diphtheria+Tetanus (combined) £41.00
Rabies (intra-muscular) –  £73.00 per dose (3 doses required)
Tickborne Encephalitis –  £81.00 per dose (2 doses required)
Typhoid £37.00
Yellow Fever £70.00


Malarone Adult (box of 12 tablets) £45.00                                                                          

Atovaquone+Proguanil (generic Malarone box of 12 tablets) £ 35.00 

Malarone Child (box of 12 tablets) £28.00 

Doxycycline (box of 50 capsules) £42.00

Lariam (box of 8 tablets) £48.00


Blood Group Testing £44.00
Hepatitis B Post Course Blood Test £43.00
HIV – (Visa Requirements Only) £47.00
Tuberculosis Blood Test £125.00
Other blood tests such as measles or chickenpox immunity also available.
Please contact us if there is a specific test you require.


Other Services



Consultation Fee £25.00
Charge levied for consultation fee if attending only for advice
Duplicate Yellow Fever Certificate £30.00
Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate/Letter £35.00

A consultation fee is applied if attending only for advice. If you receive vaccines or anti-malarial medication then the consultation fee does not apply.
Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Effective from 4th October 2022

Cancellation and Refunds Policy: We ask for 2 business days notice should you wish to cancel your appointment. Should we get less than 2 business days notice then we will be unable to refund your booking deposit.   We can not offer refunds or accept returns on anti-malarial medication, prescription medication, nets, repellents or sterile medical kits supplied by The Travel Clinic (Glasgow).


Room 5, West Wing
St James Business Centre
Linwood Road, Paisley


0141 889 7656




We are in the St James Business Centre on the A761, Linwood Road, Paisley, PA3 3AT.   The St James Business Centre is the white building opposite McDonald’s and next to Linwood Farm Restaurant.  The FEDEX building is behind our office building and we are on the opposite side of the dual carriageway to the shops, restaurants and Phoenix retail park. If using sat nav it might not bring you to our building but might take you to Pizza Hut or KFC which is on the opposite side of the dual carriageway. Parking is free and is available at the front or rear of the building. You can enter the building from the front or the back and we are located on the ground floor, West wing corridor, room 5.