The Travel Clinic Glasgow

Leisure Travel

Here at the travel clinic we will help you stay safe on your travels.   When booking your holiday sometimes protecting yourself and your family’s health can get lost in the excitement.
The Travel Clinic Glasgow is based in Glasgow with easy access to the airport.
The clinic operates flexible hours to ensure we will always have an appointment time that suits you.
As a holiday vaccination clinic we take the following in to account;
We look at your FULL itinerary
We assess if any areas you are travelling to or passing through could pose a risk to your health
We assess your medical history
Provide you with up to date advice and our recommendations
Administer the vaccinations on-site at the one visit
Arrange multiple visits if required dependent on the vaccination treatment

As a clinic we can accommodate family and group appointments and take a particular caring approach especially with those adults and children who may be apprehensive.
If you are travelling abroad it is better to contact us even if you think where you are travelling to is a major tourist area.   Contact us especially if you fall into any of the categories below;

Long-Haul (outside of the EU)
Activity holidays
Gap year
The team are very friendly and a phone call prior to travelling could prevent unnecessary illness whilst you are abroad.