Can I get vaccines at my GP surgery?
You may be able to get some vaccines at your GP surgery and it is always worth contacting them to find out what they can provide you with.

Can I get some vaccines at my GP and some with you?
Yes! Your GP might be able to give you vaccines on the NHS whilst others are obtained privately from us.

How long before my trip should I have my vaccines?
Ideally, 6 to 8 weeks before your trip and longer if you have any medical history which might require us to contact your doctor. Try not to leave getting your vaccines to the last minute. Some travelers need a course of injections which can take at least a month to complete. You also need to factor in the availability of appointments. Vaccines don’t have an immediate effect so it is best not to leave them until the day before your trip. If however, you have left getting your vaccines to the last minute or perhaps your trip has come up at short notice it is still of benefit to get vaccinated at a late stage as opposed to going unprotected.

Can I start my vaccines at my consultation?
Because we stock vaccines in the clinic, you can have your vaccines that day if it is medically appropriate to do so. If you are having a course of injections then you would need to return for several visits. It is sometimes necessary for us to write to your doctor or hospital specialist if you have existing medical conditions before we can give you a vaccine.

Will I feel ill after my injections?
Any vaccine can make you feel a bit like you are coming down with cold-like illness or leave you with a tender arm. The majority of people having vaccines will have no side effects but for those that do, any symptoms will be short lived.

How long will my appointment be?
We allow 30 minutes for your first appointment, often longer if you have a complicated itinerary. We need to go through your trip details, take a medical history and discuss the vaccines and anti-malarial tablets that you might need. There is also lots of preventative health advice that we give you so please be prepared to not be in and out of the clinic within 5 minutes!

Why do I have to pay for vaccines and anti-malarial tablets at The Travel Clinic (Glasgow)?
When you get a prescription on the NHS, if you have to pay for your prescriptions you pay a nominal, standard fee towards the cost of the item you receive. As we are a private clinic and not funded by the NHS you pay a private cost for whatever item you receive from us.

Why do I have to provide my card details for a cancellation fee?
Problems with people not turning up for appointments and canceling at short notice has forced us to introduce this measure. We ask for these details to encourage customers to let us know in advance if they don’t want to attend their appointment so that appointment time is not lost and we can offer appointments to other customers. The cancellation fee is only applied if a customer fails to attend their appointment or cancels with less than 48 hours notice.

Can you tell me on the phone what vaccines or anti-malarial tablets I need?
The advice that we give travelers varies enormously depending on several factors relating to their trip and sometimes, their medical history. It is therefore not possible for our nurses to spend the time required carrying out telephone consultations.