Temporary Lockdown from 5/1/2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic and in line with government guidance, we are currently closed and unable to offer appointments.  We can still be contacted on 0141 8897656 (Tuesday to Friday only).   As I am sure you will appreciate this a changing situation which we will review as the restrictions ease.




Updated 9/12/2020

We are open and able to offer appointments.  However, this is in a limited capacity and will remain so until restrictions ease further.   It is important as a clinic that in opening, we consider:

  • the safety of our clients
  • the safety of our staff
  • the impact that running our service may have on the national plan to protect public health

At this stage all visits to the clinic are by appointment only. In relation to Covid19, we are asking all clients that attend the clinic to adhere to the most recent guidance issued by the Scottish Government.  As a clinic, we want to be as transparent as possible and therefore need to make all clients aware that at any time and at short notice, our staff may be required to isolate.  This could be because they might have:

  • coronavirus symptoms
  • a household contact that has coronavirus symptoms
  • been advised by contact tracers to isolate

Cancelling appointments is not something that we do lightly or routinely but in the current climate we need to be realistic that this is a real possibility.  This could mean that appointments and future appointments could be cancelled at short notice, possibly on the day.  As frustrating as we know this will be, the public health measures that are necessary to limit the spread of the virus must be adhered to.  We also want to be clear that if appointments are cancelled by us, it could be at least 2 weeks (potentially more if a member of staff is unwell with Covid19) before we can offer an appointment again. 

We have changed the way we work in the clinic to maintain a 2m distance during your appointment but due to the nature of our work, it will be necessary for most of our clients to have close contact with the nurse at some stage during an appointment.  This will be kept to an absolute minimum and but is why we are asking all clients to wear a face covering.  The nurse will be wearing PPE in line with government recommendations which includes disposable gloves, apron, type IIR surgical mask and eye protection. 

All clients will be asked to complete a short questionnaire in relation to Covid19 transmission.  We need to know if anyone attending the clinic, or a household contact of theirs, has symptoms or is isolating due to Covid19.  Even on the day of an appointment, if you have symptoms you must tell us and not attend your appointment.  If we suspect a client (or a household contact) has symptoms and could potentially have Covid19 then we will not be able to see them in the clinic.  We might be asked to provide client details (contact details only) to Public Health Scotland/Health Protection Scotland as part of the contact tracing system.  If we are asked by an NHS authority to provide the details of clients that have been in the clinic then as a vital public health measure, we will be obliged to do so. We will therefore be asking all clients to consent to this.    If an individual does not want their details passed on, then we respect their right to not consent.  However, we would be unable to proceed with the appointment and could not go any further with the consultation. As a final note, a potential side effect from any vaccine is a fever.  As this is one of the symptoms of Covid19, should an individual get a fever more than 48 hours after having a vaccine, they would be required to isolate in line with the current government guidance in case the fever is due to Covid19. 

Scottish Government Covid19 Information