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Unable to get vaccines 6-8 weeks before your trip?

We have had several enquiries from customers worried that because of the Coronavirus situation, they are unable to get their travel jags at least 8 weeks before their planned holiday.  Our travel nurse Clare has done a short video blog.  Click here to view it on...

“I don’t want advice – I just need you to jag me.”

We sometimes get customers requesting an appointment with us but they don’t want the ‘consultation’ part.  They would prefer to turn up at our clinic, tell us what vaccine/jab  they want and we give it.  Now there are some clinics that operate in this way (they are...

Which Mosi Repellent?

"What is the best mosi repellent"?  Without a doubt this is the number one question we get asked. " Anything with about 50% DEET" is our answer. The brand doesn't matter - pick up the bottle and look for DEET and it's %age on the ingredient list. We...

Why can’t you tell me on the phone what I need for my trip?

We often get asked why we won’t give advice out over the phone.   The short answer is that it is not considered to be ‘best practice’ to do this.  The long answer is that unfortunately it’s not as straightforward as reading off a script and telling a traveller what...

Can I get some vaccines on the NHS?

We get asked this daily on the phone.  The short answer is yes you can - there are some travel vaccines that you can get on the NHS.  Hepatitis A, typhoid and the combined tetanus/polio/diphtheria can all be given by your GP surgery.  Contact them several weeks ahead...

Christmas and New Year Opening

We will be closed from 130 pm on 21st December and reopen on Thursday 27th December. We will be open for appointments on the 27th and 28th December and will then be closed until Monday 7th January. A happy Christmas and joyous new year to all our customers.



Comments, compliments or concerns?

We welcome any feedback that you would like to share with us. If you have any comments, positive or negative, regarding the service you received at the clinic then we would encourage to you to contact our clinic manager. You can also raise a concern at any point with Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Our clinic registration number is 00368. 

Our complaints procedure can be viewed here.  

The contact details for Healthcare Improvement Scotland are:

Independent Healthcare Services Team
Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Gyle Square
1 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9EB
0131 6234342 his.ihcregulation@nhs.scot