We often get asked why we won’t give advice out over the phone.   The short answer is that it is not considered to be ‘best practice’ to do this.  The long answer is that unfortunately it’s not as straightforward as reading off a script and telling a traveller what vaccines they need to visit, for example, Thailand.  Our clients all have different itineraries and medical histories to consider and to give blanket advice on the phone would be risky to say the least.  One traveller might only need a tetanus booster whilst someone else might be advised to have rabies, Japanese encephalitis and hepatitis b injections.   Anyone travelling abroad should always have a thorough consultation before being advised what is needed the trip.  Only after we have done that with you can we can let you know not only what you need but as importantly, tell you what you don’t need.  We love giving vaccines but it’s also our job as a specialist clinic to advise you when you don’t need a vaccine.   Giving vaccines is actually a very small part of an appointment in our clinic and the majority of illnesses or diseases picked up abroad can’t be prevented by a vaccine.  The advice we give is probably more important than the injections we give.  We just can’t assess all these potential risks during a phone call and to pretend that we can is misleading.