We get asked this daily on the phone.  The short answer is yes you can – there are some travel vaccines that you can get on the NHS.  Hepatitis A, typhoid and the combined tetanus/polio/diphtheria can all be given by your GP surgery.  Contact them several weeks ahead of your trip if you can, as they don’t tend to stock the vaccines and may need you to provide information on your trip in advance of your appointment.  Many of our travellers tell us that  unless they have given their GP surgery 8 weeks notice then they cannot see them for travel vaccines.

If they can’t see you then there is always the option of getting an appointment at a private clinic. Some of our travellers prefer the convenience of getting all their vaccines with us whilst others get the NHS ones at their GP surgery and come to us for the private ones such as yellow fever, rabies and hepatitis B.  Our top tip is to give your GP surgery as much notice as possible for your travel appointment.