The Travel Clinic Glasgow

The Travel Clinic Glasgow

At the Travel Clinic Glasgow, we ensure that you and your family are vaccinated to keep you well whilst you are on holiday.

Whether you travel for business or leisure we at the Travel Clinic in Glasgow help you protect you and your families health whilst travelling abroad. By providing you with the most up-to-date preventative advice, travel vaccinations and anti-malarial's we can help you stay well whilst abroad on your travels.

Why Choose Us?

Because our staff have undertaken extensive training, having completed the Diploma in Travel Medicine.
Don’t be detracted by free parking and cheap prices as when choosing a clinic the expertise of the staff should be paramount. Our nurses have completed the diploma in travel medicine and our manager has gone on to undertake the membership exam set by the Faculty of Travel Medicine. Worryingly, not all private clinics employ staff that are trained in travel medicine and the advice you get may not be up to standard. You might be getting cheap vaccines and parking, but that could come at cost, which could be your health.

We never give generalised advice. Our advice is always tailored to your trip and your risks and we always give individualised recommendations. We are not just a ‘jabbing’ clinic. Whilst we give injections, it’s a small part of an appointment with us. If you are not getting other advice alongside your injections then the clinic is not carrying out a proper consultation with you.

We’ll let you know what you don’t need. Not only can we tell you what injections and anti-malarial tablet you need but as importantly, what you don’t need. Although we love giving vaccines, it is also our job to tell you when you don’t need an injection or medication. We have generous appointment times. We don’t want to rush your appointment as we want to give you the best advice possible. It can’t be done in less than 20 minutes so our appointments reflect that.

Our appointments run to time. We understand that your time is precious and that you have arranged other commitments around your appointment with us. We don’t allow the clinic to overrun and is why if clients are late for their appointments, we require them to reschedule.

And to top it all we also have lots of free parking for you!

Registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Registration number 00368

Registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Registration number 00368


At The Travel Clinic Glasgow we offer a full holiday and business Vaccination Service. The clinic operates on an appointment basis. The Travel Clinic also can do onsite visits for businesses and travel groups alike.


About us

The Clinic is operated by fully qualified Doctors and Travel Nurses dedicated to Travel Vaccinations and immunisations. Clare Henderson is also a lecturer and supports GP practice nurses in educating them in travel vaccinations.


Contact Us

Are you a GP Practice Nurse? A business who has staff that travels regularly? A travel organiser or travel Agent? We would love to hear from you! We offer a full travel vaccination service that we can tailor to your needs, requests and travel dates. Follow us or contact us here.



    Christmas and New Year Opening

    December 21, 2018 posted by

    We will be closed from 130 pm on 21st December and reopen on Thursday 27th December. We will be open for appointments on the 27th and 28th December and will then be closed until Monday 7th January. A happy Christmas and joyous new year to all our customers.


    A new chapter and adventure

    January 19, 2018 posted by Clare Henderson

    Thinking of volunteering abroad or doing some adventure travel?



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